Events of Concern

Dear Students and Parents of the Preparatory Charter High School,

Recently there have been some alarming events, some of which out of an abundance of caution, have caused the school to either open late or dismiss early. As of now we have no credible or substantiated threats that would cause alarm.

The school would like to share the account of events from last Wednesday at 2:30 PM. At the corner of 24th and Snyder a fight occurred in the vicinity of where our children catch the route 79 bus heading eastbound. The fight appears to have occurred between some of our students and young people from another area which has not yet been confirmed. Some of our students participated in the fight and one was cut on his face. The police responded and no other issues were reported. There were also several videos placed on social media and we have identified additional students that were engaged in the fight. While traveling to school in the morning and leaving the school in the afternoon, students must be reminded that they are still subject to our Code of Conduct. Fighting is prohibited anywhere within the proximity of the school grounds which includes the bus stop located one block south of the school. In addition to that incident, there have been other rumors about the possibility of a retaliation that may take place; however, these rumors were not substantiated. Because Prep Charter is committed to a safe environment we dismissed students early last Thursday and Friday from school. We also contacted the First District Police and as a result, police were present on Thursday and Friday to ensure a safe transition from school. At the same time our administrative staff, the Assistant principal, the Dean of Students and the Head of Security were identifying and interviewing students that may have been involved.

This past weekend a more specific threat was discovered by way of social media. As a result of this information, parents of the children who received these threats contacted the Philadelphia Police Department as well as the school’s administration. A Philadelphia Police Detective was assigned to investigate these threats. The detective felt that due to the nature of the threats, the Philadelphia Police Department Homeland Security Unit should also be involved. This produced the identify of the student that was responsible for the threats. The student was referred by the Philadelphia Detective for prosecution and the charges currently reside in the hands of the District Attorney’s Office. The student that was identified has been suspended from school with the intent to expel.

In addition, there are some steps that you as a parent and your student can take to help keep Prep Charter safe:

  1. Question your child regarding any incidents that may have occurred in school. Keep track of social media and report anything which causes you or your child concern.
  2. Do not rely on any informational sources other than the school, especially when it comes to  statements from others who are not administrators of the school.
  3. Do not make vague or unreliable statements via social media.
  4. If you are a parent who picks up or drops off your child at school please notify us if you see anything that looks abnormal.


Michael Giangiordano

Acting CEO/ Board of Trustees President

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