Reopening 2021-2022

Reopening 2021-2022

Dear Prep Charter Families:

I want to provide some updates regarding school plans for the fall.
Prep Charter has adopted a preliminary plan in June. Since then, the state has provided guidance for schools, and we have engaged in more detailed planning. The situation around COVID-19 continues to be an ever-changing one and while these are the recommendations by various officials as of today, these may change based on the actual circumstances as we approach the fall. Our community has been very understanding that we are all in this together; and at Prep Charter, we are trying to determine the best balance between safety and instruction. We appreciate your continued support and feedback. As we have done for the past year, families and students are encouraged to provide feedback. Please provide feedback via

The State of Pennsylvania has released their guidance requiring all Districts to provide full 5 day a week in person instruction in the fall. Prep Charter High School will be in session and expect to remain in session throughout the school year. Of course, we will have plans for emergency situations that may arise. As of now, it is not likely that we will move to remote instruction. The state is no longer under an executive order declaring a state of emergency statewide and as of now, there is no anticipation that one will be
declared during the school year. The schedule for the first week of the new school year is:

Tuesday, September 7th- Friday, September 10th

  • 9th/10th – First Day September 7th
  • All Students – Wednesday, September 8th

Hours – 7:45am – 12:15pm
First Day Agenda:

  • Receive student schedule
  • Zoom Presentation
  • PBIS System
    • Review policy and procedures:’
    • Chromebook
    • Cell Phone
    • Health & Safety

Chromebook Assignments
Socio-Emotional Check-In
Meet and Greet with Teachers

Due to the size of Prep Charter classrooms, it will not be possible to ensure that the CDC recommended social distancing guidelines can be maintained throughout the building. Therefore, masks will be required for all students and staff regardless whether vaccinated or not vaccinated. This is in line with what the American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended in regard to universal masking. The guidance provided from various authorities has caused frustration and confusion. It is important to remember that we are all living this at the same time and trying to figure out the best way to move forward in the safest manner possible. At Prep Charter, we are working to
provide a safe environment and achieve balance in our approach. As of now, Prep Charter’s masking protocol for the fall will be as follows: masks will be required inside and required for all individuals during arrival, dismissal and transitions throughout the building and in classrooms; as well as small group instruction where students may be closer together. Per the CDC and PDH, students will be required to wear masks on buses. Of course, this situation could change based on mandates or recommendations by state authorities during the school year. We will need to be prepared to move
between more restrictive and, hopefully, less restrictive masking recommendations during this upcoming school year.

Prep’s approach to masking is based on our knowledge of the success we experienced last year in providing a safe environment and our knowledge of our building and procedures. Arrival, dismissal and transitions are when a large number of people are in close proximity. Generally, these areas including hallways do not have the same accessibility to fresh air as classrooms with windows. Last year, Prep Charter upgraded filters to the extent possible based on the ventilation systems in place. We also acquired
large fans that will be placed strategically around the building to increase the amount of fresh air that can be brought into the school, especially in large areas such as cafeterias and gymnasiums in an effort to provide a safe environment in areas where masks will be removed, i.e., for eating.

Regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, Prep Charter is not requiring anyone to be
vaccinated while the vaccine is on emergency authorization by the Federal Drug Administration. If this authorization changes, we will re-evaluate the situation and adhere to requirements that the PDH may put in place. Prep Charter will seek information from families and state databases on vaccinations to understand who among our student population is vaccinated. This information will become very important during contact tracing.
Only designated staff members will be permitted to ask staff, students or families about an individual’s vaccination status. We encourage everyone including parents, students and staff to get the COVID 19 vaccination!

COVID-19 pandemic continues and Prep Charter will continue to follow the guidance of the PDH regarding contact tracing, quarantine and isolation. The best way to protect one another is for symptomatic persons to isolate and be tested. If Prep Charter becomes aware that a person who tests positive has been in our building, we will conduct contact tracing to identify close contacts. Close contacts will be required to quarantine for a period of up to 10 days.

Prep Charter recognizes that our families need to be informed. We will continue to update this information throughout the month of August. Parent Zoom meetings, like the one planned for Thursday, August 5, from 6:00-8:00 p.m., are also important for all of us to hear the exchanges concerning these very important issues.

Wishing you all the best,

Pat Wright
CEO, Prep Charter