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Attention Prep Charter Community:

We have created a webpage on our site dedicated to providing you with all of the information your student(s) will need for Remote Learning, which will start THIS MONDAY, March 16th Please click HERE to access all remote learning information.Β 

To Our Prep Charter Community

Our mission is to promote a nurturing and challenging atmosphere where students will achieve high academic standards and develop essential career skills. We offer full support for English Language Learners,(ELL/ESL) and special education populations. The Preparatory Charter School of Mathematics, Science, Technology and Careers…continue reading

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Prep Charter High School

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Prep Charter is a college preparatory charter school for students in grades 9-12, located in South Philadelphia.

Prep Charter High School

Prep Charter High School

1 day 48 minutes ago

Today we would like to honor Imahnee Mount from the Graduating Class of 2020.

Your laugh is infectious, your personality is golden, and your potential is limitless. Continue to protect that beautiful heart for as long as you need, because your unstoppable spirit cannot be contained. I am so proud of how hard you have worked to reach this milestone, and I cannot wait to witness the future you will build -- the wonderful future you so deserve. Go after it, girl! I am forever rooting for you. Congratulations, sweetie! xo -Ms. Junkerman

Prep Charter High School

Prep Charter High School

1 day 50 minutes ago

Today we would like to honor Nabriya Johnson from the Graduating Class of 2020.

The first time you walked into my classroom back in September, I thought you were just a quiet, shy, introverted girl who would not make much of an impression. As the weeks and months went by I realized there is so much more to you. From our shared love of Grey's Anatomy, to the very personal stories you've shared with me about your life, to your never ending desire to make this year's prom the best ever, you have earned a very special place in my heart. My wish for you is that you find your voice, and use it!!!! You have so much to offer this world, do it!!!! I wish you all the best and I will call you when next season starts!!-Mrs. Maldonado

Prep Charter High School

Prep Charter High School

1 day 51 minutes ago

Today we would like to honor Jason Deas from the Graduating Class of 2020.

Jason! Mi amigo! I am so proud of you and I am so excited for you! You are about to enter into a new phase in your life that will take you wherever you decide it does. As long as you continue to carry yourself with that bright, shining smile, your positive energy and ambitious attitude, nothing will stand in your way. It has been wonderful getting to know you! Don't ever hesitate to reach out! Congratulations! Best wishes to you! -Ms. Thomas