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ELL Identification Procedure K-12

ELL Identification Procedure K-12

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ELL (Educating English Learners)

Philadelphia is home to a wealth of different cultures, heritages, and languages. Preparatory Charter High School welcomes this diversity and is dedicated to providing all students an equal access to a quality education, including those whose dominant language is not English. The school will provide assistance through an appropriate planned instructional program to enable limited English proficient (LEP) students to progress academically while they are learning English. The purpose of the program is to increase the English language proficiency of eligible students so that they can attain the academic standards adopted by the Board of Trustees and achieve academic success.

As used here, the term “program” refers to:

  1. planned English language development instruction by a qualified ESL/Bilingual Education teacher, and
  2. adaptations/modifications in the delivery of content instruction and assessments by all teachers based on students’ language proficiency levels and the Pennsylvania English Language Development Standards (PA ELDS) Framework for ELs as well as the Pennsylvania academic standards.

English Language Development (ELD) is a required component of all language instruction educational programs (LIEPs). ELD takes place daily throughout the day for English learners and is delivered by both ESL teachers and non-ESL teachers.

The main goals of Preparatory Charter High School’s English Learners Program include: identifying students with limited English proficiency, developing a learning plan to meet their academic/cultural needs, supporting them in their content-area classes, assessing their growth, and monitoring their progress as they continue through or exit from the program. Preparatory Charter continues to partner with local businesses and the community to facilitate family engagement/communication.

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