School Board

Prep Charter School Board

Board of Trustees:

The board of Trustees of Prep Charter High School was initially formed with the creation of Prep Charter High School in 1998. The board is comprised of 9 to 15 members serving staggered terms with the following officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Board members are representative of the community at least two community parent advisory council (CPAC) members.

The board is responsible for the overall operation of the school including general policies, procedures, planning, and operational guidelines. The board also approves and oversees Prep Charter’s annual operating budget  and investments; approves and appoints personnel and the their salaries, benefits and operational policies; and maintains the school’s facility. The board meets at least monthly and has committees to perform its various functions. All board meetings are open to the general public except for executive sessions. Community members are invited to address the Board on issues or topics of relevance to the school during the public comment time of the published agenda.

Prep Charter board members:

Frederic D. Musilli ( President

Jennifer Massenburg ( President

Christina Formosa (  – Secretary

Michael Giangiordano II (  – Member

Danee’ Wright ( – Member

Honorable Vincent N. Melchiorre (  – Member

Nakia Carr ( – CPAC

Gloria Wallace (  – Member

Dyana Baurley (

Damaris Garcia ( – Member

Deardra Blow ( –  CPAC

Important Zoom information for Board Meetings During COVID-19


For each Zoom meeting, a direct link to the board meeting will be available on our public calendar. Simply navigate to the date of the board meeting to find the Zoom link information. Zoom will prompt you to install the app on your computer or smart device or, in some cases, join from a web browser.

We strongly suggest that all participants use a computer unless it’s very old, in which case you can use your smartphone. Zoom will function better running on a full computer and behind a home network rather than over cellular.

If you need help joining Zoom, see the article below and scroll down to whatever platform you are joining from, e.g. Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc.