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Prep Charter’s school day includes four 90-minute blocks and a 30-minute lunch period. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and selected seniors are assigned to a Career Development Internship one day each week and are off-campus at their assigned sites. Keystone Exam preparation will occur during the course of the day and additional tutoring opportunities are available before and after school.

Jo Ann Moore



Required Senior Classes:

Art II

English IV

Government / Geography

Health and Physical Education IV

Senior Seminar

Technology IV

Humanities Course

AP Government *(optional)

Seniors who qualify for the Dual Enrollment Program may take science and/or math at the Community College of Philadelphia. Their course selection is dependent upon their standardized test scores. Seniors who do not qualify for the program take Integrated Math and Anatomy and Physiology at Prep Charter and have Career Development IV at various sites throughout the city of Philadelphia.

Required Junior Classes:

Algebra II

Career Development III


Health and Physical Education III

Spanish III

Technology III

U.S. History II

AP Spanish *(optional)

Students who have not successfully passed the Keystone Exams by their Junior year are subject to after school tutoring or assigned project seminar coursework with an assigned supervisor, in order to prepare and complete the mandatory graduation project required by the state of Pennsylvania for graduation.




Required Sophmore Classes:

English II

Career Development II



Health and Physical Education II

Spanish II

Technology II

U.S. History I

Keystone Exams are administered to all sophomore students who have not attained a Proficient or Advanced from the previous school year, (December and May administration). All students will take the Keystone Literature Exam.




Required Freshman Classes:

Algebra I

Art I


Career Development I

English I

Health and Physical Education I

Spanish I

Technology I

World History

Keystone Exams are administered to all freshmen taking Algebra I and Biology, at the end of the school year.



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