Re-opening Schedule

In order to support our students, we have created (2) opportunities for your student to seek support from our staff:

Face-to-face Tutoring Program:

  • Any student in grades 9-12 may come into the building for live tutoring with our staff (2) days a week.
  • While in our building, students must wear masks at all times and are socially distanced 6 feet apart in either our gymnasium or cafeteria. All health and safety precautions are taken, as listed in the Health and Safety Plan listed on our website. 
  • Sign-ups for tutoring are located in your student’s advisory class. We ask that students sign up the Friday before the following week’s tutoring days.

Remote Tutoring Program:

  • Your student may receive virtual tutoring from their teacher at the times listed on the virtual tutoring schedule that is posted on our website. 
  • Each grade level holds a morning virtual tutoring session on an asynchronous day for any student that would like to participate. 
  • If students would like to take advantage of a teacher’s individual tutoring times, the student must provide notice to their teacher prior to the session (either verbally in a synchronous class or in an email). From there they will be invited to join a Schoology conference for a live virtual tutoring session with their teacher.

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