Special Education


Jon Adams

Special Education Coordinator


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Thorton, Sara

Sara Thornton

Special Education Chairperson


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Ekker, Ann

Ann Ekker

Special Education Teacher


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Tauber, Victoria

Victoria Tauber

Special Education Teacher


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Special Education Overview

Prep Charter believes that all students can, and must, have an opportunity to reach their potential. It is our intent to take the necessary measures (i.e., specialized programming, services, and support) to meet the needs of individual students and to ensure that they receive a world-class educational experience regardless of disability. To this end, we have certified special education faculty, counselors, related service providers, and psychologists to provide on-going support to students who have been identified as needing special education services. Our special education program complies with federal and state special education laws.

Here at Prep Charter one of the main goals for our students in Special Education is to prepare for after high school, whether it be college, trade school, or the Armed Forces.

  • Students are exposed to various careers in the community through the Career Development program.
  • College Preparatory Courses.
  • They will take college admission tests,such as the ACT, in 11th grade
  • In 11th grade students take the Community College Placement Tests. If they qualify they will complete a dual program in the 12th grade, earning college credits as they complete their high school diploma.
  • They are informed about college fairs in the community.
  • They will conference with the Guidance Department to plan for the future.
  • In their senior year colleges come to Prep Charter to discuss their program. Students can attend the colleges that interest them.
  • Guidance Counselors give a FAFSA workshop.
  • They are given contact information for agencies, such as OVR,  that can assist with the transition beyond high school.

Special Ed Program


PaTTAN supports the efforts and initiatives of the Bureau of Special Education, and to build the capacity of local educational agencies to serve students who receive special education services. Visit the PaTTAN website for more detail.

PaTTAN website: http://www.pattan.net/

PaTTan forms: Procedural Safeguards Letter Procedural Safeguards Notice

Transition Contacts & Website

Community Integrated Services

Meghan Stephens

Assistant Director of Student Transition Services 



Pennsylvania Client Assistance Program (CAP)

Julia Blackwell

Disability Advocate 



Vocational Rehabilitation

Maria Coccia

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Representative



Tranistion Website: Secondarytransition.org