Prep Charter Security

The goal of Prep Charter Security is to create a climate whereby every child has a learning environment that they feel safe in. The security department effectively utilizes all available resources to establish a safe, secure, and orderly teaching, learning, and working environment to promote personal well-being for the total school community and maximize student achievement. Prep Charter wants parents and guardians to feel confident that when your child arrives at school every day you’ll be assured that we are doing everything we can to keep your child safe. It is important that we enforce the rules and regulations of the school while also staying aware of any potential threat. As times and circumstances change so will our approach to securing the school.
Among the departmental values that we insist upon are officers:

  • Professionalism – We will always be aware of our image and role within the school. We will use our skills, training, and knowledge to serve our student body and faculty.
  • Respect – We will treat everyone we encounter with respect and dignity.
  • Integrity – We will hold ourselves to the highest standard of truth. Our word is based on our bond and our behavior is above reproach.
  • Duty – We will do our duty to the best of our ability. The welfare and safety of our students and staff is our top priority.
  • Equality – We will treat all students as equals in hopes of fostering a true community environment.

Jeffrey Bishop

Head of Security