Reopening Plan & COVID Guidelines

Prep Charter High School

Plan for Reopening

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since the beginning of the pandemic and our
school closed to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our students, staff, and parents quickly
shifted to distance learning for what we thought was going to be a two-week closure.
Now, a year later, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and challenge all of us
as we try to make sense of the ever-changing health guidance and requirements for
reopening high schools.

It has not been an easy journey, but with more education staff getting access to
vaccines and the loosening of restrictions to reopen high school campuses at the state
level, we are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. As we have seen since
the beginning of the school closures, distance learning can never truly replace what can
be offered face-to-face in a classroom. We have been committed to bringing back
students as soon as it is feasible because we know it is in our students’ best interest
socially, emotionally and academically.

Based on information from the Parent/Guardian Preference of Program Forms, CEO,
Pat Wright has updated the Board of Trustees that a hybrid schedule in which all
students’ grade level teachers will be on site two days a week to provide support and
tutoring aligned with the classes that will continue to be taught virtually two days a
week. Although the objective of the on-site instruction is to provide tutoring and extra
assistance to students who may be struggling with virtual learning, any student in
grades 9-12 are welcome to come to the building to meet with their teachers on the
days their grade is scheduled.

While in the building, students will be required to wear their masks and maintain the
social distancing guidelines. Students will be restricted to the area of the building
assigned to their grade level. Teachers will come to the students’ location to provide
support in order to reduce movement and contact within the facility.

A schedule will be posted on the Prep Charter website indicating which days of the
week grade level teachers will be in the building and available to work directly with
students. Sign-ups for tutoring are located in your student’s advisory class. We ask that
students sign up the Friday before the following week’s tutoring days. Students will be
required to complete the Health form check sheet prior to coming to the building. The
check sheet is available on the school’s website.

For students whose parents elect not to send them to the school, remote tutoring will
continue to be provided. Students may receive virtual tutoring from their teacher at the
times listed on the virtual tutoring schedule that is posted on our website.
In addition, each grade level holds a morning virtual tutoring session on an
asynchronous day for any student that would like to participate. If students would like to
take advantage of a teacher’s individual tutoring times, the student must provide notice
to their teacher prior to the session (either verbally in a synchronous class or in an
email). From there they will be invited to join a Schoology conference for a live virtual
tutoring session with their teacher.

In addition to the mitigation efforts specified in Prep Charter’s Health & Safety plan
(complete Health & Safety Plan is available for review on the website), the following
precautions are being taken in anticipation of a Mid-April reopening:

  1. Students may return on April 12 (See Revised Schedule on the Prep website)
  2. All teachers, staff and students will be required to complete the health screening
    form prior to arriving at the building on a daily basis. Those who have not
    completed the screening form will not be admitted.
  3. Large ventilation fans will be placed at strategic points throughout the building to
    ensure additional outside air is brought in and circulated throughout the building.
  4. All water fountains located in school hallways will be turned off. Water stations
    will be available throughout the building where students will be allowed to use
    gloves and paper cups for drinking water
  5. Signs will be prominently displayed throughout the building reminding everyone
    of the safety protocols, i.e. social distancing, hand sanitizing, etc.
  6. Students should walk in the main door and go directly to their assigned location. They should not stop to talk to anyone unless socially distanced. 
  7. Any eating may only take place at a student’s desk in either the gym or cafeteria when they are 6 feet away from another student or staff member. There is to be No Eating in the lobby, hallways, or bathrooms. 
  8. Students will be allowed to go into the restroom, one student at a time. Staff in the gym and cafeteria will only allow one student to leave the space to use the restroom. 
  9. Appropriate mask-wearing must be enforced for all students and staff. If a student has been warned and continues to disregard our mask policy, they will be sent home from tutoring.

Schedule for reopening:

Monday, April 12, 2021: In-person instructional assistance/tutoring and services begin for students and prioritized student groups whose families indicated a preference for a hybrid program.

Prioritized student groups include:

  • Students with disabilities
  • ELL students
  • Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
  • Foster and Homeless Youth

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